Wondering how to express differently but don't know how to do it? Express yourself differently with the AI-enabled Paraphrasing tool in 3 easy steps. Our NLP model will provide suggestions to write the same sentence in various ways.


Enter your content

Enter the content that you would like to be expressed differently.


Let MachineWrites analyse

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AI-enabled Paraphrasing

Want to express effectively but don’t know but can’t find proper words? Don't be concerned! Try our AI enabled Paraphrasing Tool and get suggestion to express effectively in seconds

Help you express effectively

Putting your thoughts effectively is as important as the efficacy of your thoughts. MachineWrites analyse your input and provide suggestions so that you can communicate your ideas effectively.

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Make your loosely formed sentence into an exquisite content. MachineWrites NLP based Paraphrasing tool allows you to articulate your important concepts in a more attractive manner.

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Paraphrasing tool helps writers to save a significant amount of time by rephrasing the long content in seconds. MachineWrites is intelligent enough to understand the user input and provide suggestions, which helps writers to generate unique and effective content in no time.

Ordinary Writer Extraordinary Writer

MachineWrites fuels the journey of ordinary writers to become extraordinary writers. Quality content always gets the most appreciation and dollars, our paraphrasing tools help budding as well as experienced writers to create excellent content.