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Generated Text: . It has been discussed the key aspects of Bot development along with the bot architectures which have been tested in real world scenarios. We have discussed about the Bot architecture essentials, the difference between Intents & Flow, as well as how to structure your intents & flows for maximum chatbot performance.

With this article, You can learn how to build amazing chatbots for Facebook Messenger using FB SDK and NodeJs.
Facebook Messenger is the most preferred means of chatting in the world because of its expressive capabilities, large user base and ability to create a conversation at a glance. ― Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook

There is a huge market for chatbots therefore, it is highly advisable to learn all you can about this innovative chatbot development platform. ― Steve Blank, author of The Programmer’s Handbook

In this book, you’ll learn how to build a chatbot in code in less than an hour! People still aren’t able to believe how powerful and usable chatbots can be. Now they can finally make fun of our technical abilities. ― Chris Anderson, founder,

With the increase in multiple communication platforms, there has been an increase in the need for bots. To satisfy this need, this book offers various approaches to build a bot, analyzing various platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Telegram.

With hundreds of examples, this is the definitive book on chatbot development. Each chapter provides an in-depth explanation of a particular topic in chatbot development, demonstrating the latest techniques and practices for successful development.
Are you looking to grow your chatbot developer business? Then you need to give one thing a careful thought…
the fact that 25% of all websites page is made up of chatbots
The fact that it’s now possible for businesses of all shapes and sizes to now create their own line of branded chatbots has created a huge opportunity for brands and organizations to reach new audiences and engage their followers without the need to rely on any third party platforms.
While there have been numerous chatbot platforms during this time, the way people interact using chatbots is still in its infancy. This means that there is still a lot of potential for chatbot development, but it is still in its early days.
Being in its infancy however does not imply chatbot development cannot be of much use to you; however, there are some factors to keep in mind when thinking about how to build a script to best suit your business needs.
When it comes to deciding what chatbot development framework to go with, the choice is actually quite simple – IBM Watson. It all comes down to the reasons you are going to be deploying your bot. If it is for customer support, then you can go with a customized chatbot development framework.
If it is for selling something, then you can go with an IBM Watson Support Bot.
When it comes to the support model, sadly, there isn’t truly a comparable platform in this area. However, you can use Watson Assistant to access one.
Watson Assistant helps businesses and startups alike to handle all day to day customer support and outage issues.
It all comes down to what kind of support needs your chatbot developer is best-positioned to fulfill. If it is about completing simple online quizzes or games, then QuizMaster360 can handle that.
With this platform, it is more about capturing the unique rhythm of your audience rather than an exact answer. This means it can accomplish his mission much more effectively.
The pricing plan of your bot development framework MUST be monthly. If it is not, you can get a support package with it (see above)
The chatbot development framework must achieve minimum viable product (MVP) size. There is only so much a person/company is able to do with such a relatively simple application development model.
Because of this, there absolutely MUST be a free tier to give someone else a chance to develop and test a MVP.
Ask and it shall be done. This is one of the oldest advertising platitudes in the book. However, it really is true. The fact that so many forum boards, blogs, and forums like StackOverflow have gone out of their way to suggest that they don’t feature “scammers and shills” proves that something inside all of us demands that we acknowledge the value of what others have to say. The fact that 80% of all purchases on are made without the help of paid ads is a clear indicator that people are happy to pay for honest criticism righteously claimed.
Leverage this blog to launch a community of fans and fellow developers to support and promote your bot. Integrate best-in-class software development tools to platform to help grow and serve your customers with more features and benefits regularly (Set a foundation that you can build on)
Before you can offer your users a new feature or treat them to a new experience, you must first provide them with the means to get there. Regardless of

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