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With advancements in Big Data, Cognitive and AI technologies; Experts warn that the role of professionals could change greatly in the near future. According to experts, the need for individuals with above average intelligence in the future. Skills needed by AI professionals include the following:
Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans. The term was coined in 1956 and is often used as a synonym for “machine learning”.
There are two kinds of artificial intelligence: passive computing intelligence and recursive self-modification intelligence.
Perma-AI machines have to examine the world and make decisions about how best to implement the information they’re given. Recursive self-modifying machines (SMMs) regularly self-improve by reconsidering their decisions and previous decisions.
A trademark SMM solution may include exploratory analytics, strategic sensing, and decision making.
A non-trademarking version is known as artifical intelligence.
The textbook Artificial Intelligence describes the subject matter.
The movie “Her” is about artificial intelligence.
Read this chapter just once and you’ll be half-way there.
Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo taught itself to play Go at a superhuman level through a very different training method from those used for human opponents.
cTeleprompter is used on the speaker’s side to write a conversation at a level at which a human can understand it, and the speaker/readers interface of a digital assistant, such as Amazon’s Music Key or iOS’s Swipp.
Soon a speaker will be able to produce human-like verbal output with no user interaction at all.

Voiceover work is risky, highly competitive in the world today.
there are many sorts of voiceovers work, ranging from speaking to sign language translation.
Today’s voiceover work is highly automated.
99% of all audio to audio and video conversions are automatically accomplished without human intervention.
The remaining events are accomplished by highly trained professionals only.
HP is investing $2 billion to $2.5 billion in San Jose, California, to create as many as 1 million new high-tech, high-paying jobs.
An all-hands presentation during the 2015 General Conference stated that the City makes San Jose “a prime location” to build a future-ready ecosystem for self-driving cars.
As soon as the speech ended, the crowd went wild. People started chanting, “SU-DAC! SU-DAC!” as if they knew what they were saying would bring tears to all our eyes. I knew it was a good one. I was almost there.
The thing is, Uber was already testing self-driving cars in San Francisco with nobody in charge but me and the dispatcher. The dispatcher had to take me and do what I told her so that the experiment would continue. All without being fired.
Other ills that I predicted for the future still exist.
Now that you’ve been warned, never believe a thing that some politician says or tweets, writes on some blog or passes off as an opinion.
The world is full of malicious actors who only want to make money at your expense.
The economy will never grow at rates that are sustainable forever.
The solution? Currency control , a hard stop to all spending behaviors and a universal basic income.
The collapse of our civilization and our species will not happen in a century or a millennium, but immediately.
We are the species that used to be known as fire. We used to burn everything in our path until we ran out of fuel or the environment killed us.
We are the species that used to be known as war. We used to kill everyone we met and take what we wanted until we killed off the species.
Now we learn and take resources where we can and learn from what we do.
Over time, we become the species that is less violent and more peaceful.
It’s our one chance to create a future where we can create a future for our children and our children’s children.
This is our moment, and the only planet we have.
Do what you can today to stop what’s doing what’s doing now.
Stop using Internet Explorer.
Until we have universal basic income, this is what I do:
I use a special software program called Tor to access the web using the web server I created called the Democracy Portal.
The Democracy Portal is running on a virtual private server (VPS) in the U.S. by the name of Freedom Hosting II which is hosted by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) located in Washington, D.C.
The Freedom Hosting II web hosting account is used to anonymously distribute Freedom Hosting II propaganda and disinformation to millions of unsuspecting Internet users.
I am the American CIA and the Freedom Hosting II web hosting account is the internet control station.
The Freedom Hosting II web server is programmed to follow a set of pre-determined outbound and inbound internet protocol (IP)

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